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The complex is designed for receiving and processing data retransmitted from the data acquisition platforms via a Luch-5 satellite and arriving at the complex from AP SPD-L products in the frequency range 1696.5-1697.5 MHz. The connection between the AP of the SPDP-L and the RTK-L complex is carried out at the frequency of the received signal.

The complex was developed by the Federal State Budgetary Institution «Scientific Research Center of Space Hydrometeorology «Planet».


  • radiotechnical complex «RTK-L» - LLC «Scientific and Production Enterprise «ETRA-PLUS»;
  • antenna post - ZAO Scientific and Production Enterprise «Equipment for Television and Communication» (NPP «ATS»).

Structurally, the complex consists of two main parts:

  • antenna post control AIC-0.4 RTK-L (antenna system and power amplifier) - outdoor version for outdoor operation. The antenna is a parabolic mirror with a diameter of 7 m. The guidance equipment provides remote guidance of the antenna in both planes relative to the nominal position within ± 90 ° in the azimuth and from 10 ° to 50 ° in the elevation angle;
  • the hardware rack of the RTC-L (splitter, multi-channel receivers-demodulators. PC with special software, equipment for testing and testing of the complex and SPDP-L products).

The complex provides continuous round-the-clock operation in an unattended mode.

The SPDP-L complex is designed for the following main functions:

  • reception of meteorological information retransmitted from data acquisition platforms directly from the Luch-5V satellite with a 95-degree access point in the mode of multiple access with time-frequency channel separation with a periodicity tied to the synoptic time (in 3 hours) at speeds transmission 100 bps (international channels), 1200 bps (national channels);
  • primary processing of received information;
  • delivery of the received meteorological information to consumers via terrestrial communication channels;
  • accumulation and archiving of meteorological data.

The information received after receiving and processing the signals received from the AP of the SPDP-L signal is transferred from the complex in real time to the Customer's equipment via the 100 Base-T Ethernet interface.

The amount of data received from the collection platforms is:

  • for international channels - up to 5192 bits in each message;
  • for national channels - up to 15,000 bits in each message.