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Enterprise-manufacturer - Joint-Stock Company «Research Institute of Precision Instruments» (JSC «RI PI»).

Complex KPI-4.8 is designed for receiving information:

  • from satellites: Resource-P, Terra, Aqua, NOAA, Meteor-M (L-band of frequencies);
  • in the X-band of frequencies (8.025-8.4 GHz) along two channels from a high-speed radio link with a maximum information rate of 307.2 Mbit/s (153.6 Mbit/s for each of the two channels), a minimum reception speed of 10 Mbit/s (5 Mbit/s for each channel);
  • in the L-band of frequencies (1.69-1.71 GHz) through the channel of a high-speed radio link with right or left polarization and a maximum data rate of 3.5 Mbit/s.

Complex KPI-4.8 provides the following tasks:

  • demodulation, decoding, restoration of the personnel structure (for Resource-P), registration and storage of the received target and service information for each channel;
  • formation and delivery of information flow to the complex of primary processing of remote sensing information from the Resurs-P spacecraft and to synchronize information with the Meteor-M satellite;
  • reproduction of the registered information from the received satellite for the purpose of repeated recovery;
  • removal of information protection codes of the Resurs-P satellite from unauthorized access;
  • test control of the receiving means to determine the readiness for conducting communication sessions with the satellite;
  • calculation of target designations for control of the antenna complex while receiving information;
  • calculation of radio visibility zones;
  • conducting sessions of communication with the spacecraft in automatic and manual mode in accordance with the reception plans;
  • the formation of a report on the conduct of the communication session with the quality assessment;
  • automatic logging of work;
  • temporary storage of the received information (at least 3 days for the Resurs-P, Meteor-M and 10 days for the Terra, Aqua, NOAA satellites);
  • reception and delivery of signals to the users over the LAN network of the exact time received by the GPS / GLONASS receiver.

The information receiving complex KPI-4,8 consists of the following components:

  • antenna complex;
  • the control controller;
  • receiving device;
  • complex demodulation, registration and synchronization;
  • complex management and control.

Antenna complex TNA-4.8 consists of:

  • an antenna post, which includes a support-rotary device, a mirror system with a parabolic mirror 4.8 m in diameter and an antenna-feeder device;
  • traffic control devices and power equipment (electric drive, transformers, magnetic starters, thyristor converters).

Receiving device PU-375 consists of:

  • two waveguide filters WF-25-28 - for each X-band channel;
  • two low-noise converters of the X-band (B-MSK-1000) - to work with the signal of right and left polarization;
  • two frequency converters of the X-band (B-PF-600) - for two receiving channels;
  • two low-noise L-band amplifiers (BMU-1.7) - to work with the signal of the right and left polarizations;
  • two L-band amplifiers (BU-1.7);
  • two F-655 switches - for each band;
  • hardware-software means of reception, registration of preliminary processing and visualization of data;
  • simulator of the test signal RD-2R;
  • test-translator TT1.5/8 - for carrying out the functional control.