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The station is designed to work as part of GGKK «Electro» in order to obtain heliogeophysical information and ensure the following functions:

  • the installation of the electric axis of the antenna in an angular position corresponding to the direction of the position of the geostationary satellite «Electro-L» with the coordinates 76 ° ± 0.5 ° E, 0 ± 0.5 ° N, (nominal position);
  • reception of radio signals containing heliogeophysical data, with a central frequency of 1693 MHz in continuous mode with the «Electro-L» spacecraft;
  • the allocation of heliogeophysical information coded with the Manchester-2 code from a 1693MHz frequency signal modulated by the phase shift keying with an index of ± 90 ° (0 °, 180 °);
  • filtering the useful signal in the operating frequency range from out-of-band interference;
  • normalization of heliogeophysical data, as well as their accumulation and issuance to the NKPOR-E ESP for further processing and distribution to consumers;
  • archiving of information received from the «Electro-L» satellite with the possibility of repeated reproducing and processing;
  • issuance of information on the implementation of a daily work cycle and data of functional control at the KPTS UTS CROARD;
  • transfer to the funds of the CNCPA-E information on the performance of APPI-DG, formed on the basis of automatic collection and analysis of control parameters of the health of components;
  • the calculation (forecast) orbital data on the position of the Electro-L satellite, its orientation, the orientation of the solar panels, and the information on the GGAK-E contained in the operational control information from the means of NKPOR-E;
  • control of data at intermediate stages of the output of APPI-GD information and the possibility of changing the composition of the processed information on the instructions of the APPI-GD operator;
  • checking the efficiency of the amplification and signal processing path during maintenance of the product or in the event of a malfunction;
  • binding the time of the article to the Moscow time;
  • fulfillment of tasks of receiving processing and issuing information to consumers in a continuous automatic mode.

Enterprise - manufacturer - JSC Scientific-Production Enterprise «Equipment for Television and Communication» (NPP «ATS»).

Technical data and characteristics:

  • the diameter of the receiving antenna's mirror is 2 m;
  • the movement of the receiving antenna along the azimuth - within ± 55 °, along the elevation - from 5 ° to + 40 °;
  • the carrier frequency of the received signal is 1693 MHz.

The composition of the APPI-GD:

  • receiver unit;
  • antenna control panel (PU device);
  • router with encryption;
  • the operator console;
  • two computing system units (VSB 01 and 02);
  • power switch.