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SPOI-2C provides reception of meteorological information from the geo-stationary Earth remote sensing satellite «Himawari-8»/«Himawari-9» of Japanese development.

The station for receiving and processing information intended for receiving data from satellite in a geostationary orbit in the C-band with horizontal and vertical linear polarization.

Enterprise - developer of the complex: Federal State Budgetary Institution «Scientific Research Center for Space Hydrometeorology «Planeta».

To receive information, a direct focus azimuth antenna with a diameter of 3 m is used.

Parameters of reception of satellite «Himawari-8»:

  • the reception frequency is 4148 MHz
  • Transmission speed: 2586 KSps
  • Polarization: vertical
  • Modulation of DVB-S2 QPSK

The complex consists of the following components:

  • antenna installation;
  • hardware-software complex for receiving, recording and processing information.

The antenna system includes:

  • mirror (reflector) with a diameter of 3 m;
  • base;
  • support;
  • biaxial support-rotary device;
  • C - BAND LNB (converter).

The hardware-software complex for receiving, registering and processing information includes:

  • receiving, recording and processing computers and information;
  • IF amplifier;
  • admission chip;
  • special software.