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The station is designed to receive and process data from the satellite «Electro-L», transmitted in an international format in the frequency range 1690 - 1710 MHz.

The receiving complex was developed and manufactured by the Federal State Budgetary Institution «Scientific Research Center for Space Hydrometeorology «Planet».

APPI-MD provides functioning at the following characteristics of satellite «Electro-L»:

  • the central transmission frequency is 1691 MHz;
  • frequency instability is not worse than 5x10-7;
  • the width of the barrel is 2.5 MHz;
  • polarization - right circular;
  • the transmission rate in the radio channel is 2300 Kbit/s;
  • modulation of OQPSK;

Structurally, the station is made in the form of two components: an antenna post (mirror 1.66 m) for working in the open air with high-frequency receiving equipment (LNA) and a room unit - a pre-processing receiver (PIC) with special software - for indoor operation, receiver PC and registration (PC PC) and PC technical processing (PC TOD). Between these two parts are connected by one high-frequency cable.

The station is powered by a 50 Hz alternating current network with a voltage of 220 V +/- 10%, the power consumption does not exceed 500 W.

The station consists of the following functional devices:

  • an antenna system including a reflector, an irradiating system and a pivoting device;
  • the IDP unit;
  • the PIC receiver;
  • Receiving PC with ACS reception and registration;
  • PC processing with the SPO thematic data processing;
  • LAN connection, connected to the LAN enterprise.