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The station is designed for:

  • work with the satellite «Electro-L»;
  • reception of signals from the «Electro-L» satellite on the central frequency of 7,500 MHz;
  • transmission of signals to the «Electro-L» satellite on the central frequency of 8195 MHz.

SCS-8/7-DV consists of two independent receiving and transmitting stations of satellite communication, united by a single operator workplace. One station works in the reception mode, and the other in the transmission mode. The structure of each station includes an antenna post under a radio-transparent dome with receiving and transmitting paths, a hardware module with control, monitoring and channeling equipment.

Antenna post provides independent signal transmission in the direction of the relay satellite and reception of retransmitted signals.

The structure of each antenna post includes:

  • receiving-transmitting antenna;
  • amplifier;
  • low-noise amplifier;
  • the support-rotary device;
  • power supply and control unit.

The receiving-transmitting antenna, built on a single-mirror circuit, contains a reflector and an irradiator with a polarizer, a polarization selector and a receiving channel filter.

Enterprise - manufacturer of the station: Open Joint-Stock Company «Research and Production Center «Wigstar» with the participation of the Federal State Budgetary Institution «Scientific Research Center for Space Hydrometeorology «Planet».