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The complex provides information reception in the range of 8,025-8,4 GHz in the upper hemisphere without a "dead zone" in the zenith area from the space remote sensing satellite having orbits 350 km high and higher.

The manufacturer of the enterprise is the Open Joint-Stock Company Russian Corporation for Rocket and Space Instrument Engineering and Information Systems (JSC Russian Space Systems).

The main purpose of the complex is to receive information from the Kanopus-V, Kanopus-V-IC, Meteor-3M and other advanced Russian satellite. It is possible to expand the number of types of remote sensing satellite, from which they can be received by increasing the software and hardware of the complex.

Reception of information about simultaneously on two frequency channels.

The complex consists of the following components:

  • antenna system;
  • receiving station.

The antenna system includes:

  • antenna post (including AFS, 9-meter reflector, OPU with electric motors);
  • the electric drive;
  • a control system including a personal computer, an auto-tracking channel device and software;
  • antenna-guide with the equipment for detecting the radio signal of the space vehicle and the auto-tracking device;
  • a quotation source including a microwave signal generator and a horn antenna.

The receiving station includes:

  • broadband low-noise receivers-converters - 2pcs;
  • two-channel receiver with built-in carrier of the spectrum of the control channel (with tunable working and control frequencies);
  • demodulation devices, frame synchronization and simulation of signals - 2 pieces;
  • broadband spectrum carrier of the control tract;
  • amplifiers-proof-readers - 4 pieces;
  • registration devices (with built-in personal computer) - 2 pcs.;
  • the device of operative viewing (with the built-in personal computer and the console of the operator);
  • control device of the receiving path and time scale device (with built-in personal computer and GPS receiver);
  • a personal computer controlling a receiving station with an operator monitor (administrator);
  • server for temporary storage of information;
  • software.